15 Luxury Vacations That Are Surprisingly Affordable

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7 Luxury Vacations That Are Surprisingly Affordable
Affordable luxury vacations may sound like an oxymoron, but there is a whole market out there for people on a budget wanting a taste of a little something extra. If you are one of the 72% of Americans who aren’t using all of their vacation days, consider treating yourself to a little something of the high life to destress and live your life. After all, you are working hard to make money. Shouldn’t some of that be put toward once in a lifetime experiences that enrich your life?

1. Travel to Istanbul for Two Continents in One

You can’t often visit two continents in one day, but a trip around Istanbul will get the job done. An inexpensive ferry ride will take you across the Bosphorus Strait, and in twenty minutes you’ll have gone from Europe to Asia and caught some of the best views of Istanbul’s many historic monuments. Visit The Blue Mosque, known for its six minarets and many blue tiles, and the Grand Bazaar, a covered market that is a maze of hidden treasures. You will not be left wanting for history in a visit to Istanbul. Why not stay at a hotel that embraces that?

The House Hotel Karaköy is a renovated 19-center Ottoman-era bank. The building still has its original vault. Don’t worry, it functions as an upscale hotel just fine with high-ceilinged rooms with ornate details, restaurant, spa, and sauna and steam rooms. Rooms start at $150 a night.

2. It’s Time to Visit Puerto Rico

Tourism is back in Puerto Rico, but the normal crowds haven’t picked up on that yet. Get there while you’ll have an easy time finding your perfect spot on beautiful beaches! Puerto Rico is one of only two places Americans can visit in the Caribbean without needing a passport.

The Hilton Ponce Golf & Casino Resort is an upscale beachfront resort with an outdoor swimming pool complete with slides and fountains. There is always something to do at this resort, between the 24-hour casino, the golf course, six restaurants and bars, and simply lounging on the beach itself. Rooms have a terrace or balcony with a view of the pool and start at $106 a night. Upgraded rooms offer beach views.

For experiences unique to Puerto Rico, venture outside the resort for a Bioluminescent kayak tour, a rainforest tour, or a jet ski tour.

3. Nobody Does Luxury Like Las Vegas

There are many options for affordable fine hotels, activities, and dining in Las Vegas. This city practically owns the brand on affordable luxury vacations. For a relaxing trip, stay at eco-friendly Vdara. This non-smoking hotel is free of the gambling noise on the rest of the strip. The main floor is actually a spa and salon, so you can go straight from your bed to the massage table. Meanwhile, you’re right next to Aria and the Bellagio for gambling. Reserve a room with a view of the Bellagio fountain to watch the show at night. You’ll also be able to see Paris and have a view of the desert mountains.

Rooms start at $109 a night.

4. New Zealand is All About Glamping

Glamping is what the views brought to life in Lord of the Rings was meant for. Take a visit to Hobbiton if it suits you. Even if you’re not a big Lord of the Rings fan, Hobbiton is a pretty fun place to explore and take photos. When you’re done, go glamping at Slipper Island Resort, where you can swim, hike, spend the day on the beach, and have access to the whole island. White sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and volcanic rock formations mean there is plenty to explore on this 224 hectares island. Rates start as low as $57 a night.

5. Bring Your Family to the Bahamas

Have you seen photos of the famous swimming pigs in the Bahamas? Wouldn’t you like your own adorable photo? It’s time to head to the Caribbean! Vacationing in the Bahamas may sound like the ultimate budget-breaker, but it can be done and done well. Even with the whole family!

Stella Maris Resort Club rests on a beach on Long Island, and they promise to keep your kids entertained with their three swimming pools, ocean lagoons, a playground, junior SCUBA diving lessons, and a game area. For the grownups, there are still tons of adventures (outside of laying on the beach all day, which is also a great choice). Go dive coral reefs, go sailing, kayak through mangrove channels, explore plantation ruins, and see the world’s deepest blue hole.

And don’t forget about the swimming pigs! Stella Maris has a service to fly you there. While you’re off the resort, visit the nearby location where “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,” was filmed.

Prices start at $175 a night on their website, but are as low as $115 on Booking.com and Priceline.

6. Rent a Castle in France

Yes, you can easily do this through Airbnb. When you’re done strolling the streets of Paris, head out to spend your vacation time in a castle. Prices vary widely, but you can stay in the magnificent Château de Barnay in South Burgundy for as low as $156 a night. This castle has modern amenities, but with the towers and spiral staircases your castle dreams require. Enjoy the French ceilings, yellow stones, and large fireplaces while you spend the night in your own tower apartment.

7. Stay in a Diving Resort in Thailand

Thailand is famous for its affordable luxury vacations. For an affordable beach getaway, escape Bangkok and stay on Koh Tao. This Thai island is known for its tropical coral reefs, complete with whale sharks and rays. This has given is some of the best diving out there, and no one does it like Ban’s Diving Resort. The resort is known as the leading dive center in the world and has certified over 100,000 divers. Beachfront restaurants, world class diving, at a resort by a local Thai family, all starting at around $60 a night. Yes, please.


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